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22 December 2015

E-Commerce and Christmas

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Buying Online has many advantages, not only can you buy what you want from the comfort of your own home, but you can also find an infinity of products that cannot easily be found in nearby shopping centers what’s more, you can often find products at incredibly low prices. Online shops and especially Low Cost proliferate during the festive season; browsing shops with surprisingly low prices keeps you glued to the mouse or Smartphone/tablet. The majority of products come from China, which can be attractive but can also have its downsides.


The main disadvantage of buying online is almost always the delivery. Not only because when you click on buy you often see the cart double in price due to delivery costs, but also the fact that the delivery usually takes a long time to arrive. It almost always takes longer than expected and even longer still when the product comes from far away.

Delivery costs are the main reason for abandoned carts and the main e-commerce sites have realized this and are trying to combat the problem. These sites consider and sometimes pay said costs (this is still a rare occurrence and can be limited to special promotions). Three out of four carts are abandoned at Christmas and this is due to delivery time and costs.

E-Commerce is convenient but it is not yet as quick as the consumer would like it to be.

Therefore these E-Commerce platforms could benefit from a BPM software like AuraPortal to obtain predictive information that they can use to anticipate consumer purchases using actions like predictive delivery, which involves anticipating customer orders and foreseeing delivery trucks that continuously travel to different areas based on previous customer purchases. If we add this to the fact that AuraPortal has an e-Commerce module integrated with the company processes, the huge competitive advantages business could benefit from to increase their sales and to have increased customer satisfaction become clear.