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12 February 2015

Drones and Transport Logistics

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Drones could change logistic processes and some large companies are already performing various trials to use these avant-garde devices for their deliveries.

Since the arrival of drones people have been searching for all their possible uses. They are already used to create spectacular aerial images at a reduced cost (compared to the displacement of cranes, etc.) and now deliveries want a piece of the action.

Recently Amazon revealed their “Prime Air” project which consists of using drones to deliver purchases. The news was hard to believe but the company confirmed the initiative, hoping to revolutionize the world of transport companies.

Amazon is not the only company to show interest in this initiative, DHL and Google are amongst other companies who will first need to acquire the regulatory support and cross administrative hurdles before proceeding with real trials. According to the American Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI);

the drone industry will have an economic impact of over $80,000 million in the first 10 years of commercial use.

amazon-DroneAmazon has confirmed that they will soon have the much desired automated drones capable of transporting merchandise of up to 2.26kg at an approximate speed of 80km/h which will greatly improve their delivery logistics. DHL has tested its parcelcopters and will soon use them in a delivery program and Google and other companies will undoubtedly follow suit if the drones work and facilitate deliveries.

In this case, working with BPM suites like AuraPortal will automate and optimize processes even further, making drone performance part of company activities in the same way as people and traditional methods of transport are now.


AuraPortal’s BPM Suite can be easily integrated with any kind of digital device, like drones, through the Internet, sending and receiving real-time information on delivery orders, alerts for unforeseen circumstances, rectifications, receipt control, etc., which automatically activate the corresponding actions in logistic sub-processes ( or even execute other, related processes) hereby achieving a high level of automation and consequent reduction in time and cost, in addition to great agility to resolve unforeseen incidents.