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23 June 2015

Document Lifecycle Automation through iBPMS

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In the business world, document management forms part of a company’s daily activities and therefore cannot be handled independently.

As iBPM Suites have integrated document management, the processes control the activities involving the documents therefore the processes handle the documentation and are responsible for optimal document management.

Thus, some iBPMS such as AuraPortal can optimize the entire document lifecycle: Capture and Creation, Storage, Flows, Access and Elimination.

  • Capture. The documents which come from External Users: customers, suppliers, etc. who maintain a digital relationship with the entity and can therefore participate in the process flows, will have been introduced by the External Users via an initial Message or Task, and will be integrated in the system. As a result the entity will not need to do any work.

Documents in paper format will also be digitalized and introduced.

  • Creation.  The majority of the internally-generated documents are created in the context of a specific activity (hence will be included in a process), and will be created automatically by the system itself (using sophisticated templates and actual data from the process) hereby achieving substantial savings in times and costs.

This does not only involve the creation of simple forms or letters, but the generation of any type of document, regardless of its length or complexity.

marketing process

  • Storage.  The captured or created documents will automatically be stored in the processes (electronic file) and/or in the corresponding libraries. This storage, which can be extremely complex due to the vast amount of control elements and advanced searches provided by the BPMS, is automatic and complies with the stipulated Rules for each specific process class.

It is known as “Virtual Intelligent Storage”. In AuraPortal this system is extremely effective as it generates a multidimensional matrix system indexed by all the criteria used to control, search, manage or eliminate each document.

  • Flow, Access and Elimination. When designing the tasks of a process in which some Users may be wish to carry out actions with documents (queries, modifications, approvals, elimination, etc.), the necessary documents will have been included in the tasks.

Thus, there is no need to search for documents as most will be readily available for the authorized task performer to consult, modify, approve or eliminate.