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14 January 2015

Digital Marketing Campaigns

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In addition to the traditional campaigns, brands are making top quality creative digitalized versions aimed at a public that is already completely seduced by digital media.

We have our Tablets or Smartphones to hand 24 hours a day and search for product information and deals while feeling more secure in using them for our online purchases, although they still don’t replace the PC for this task. Technological developments have greatly encouraged the upward trend of mobile usage in a short time. With the expansion of this consumer habit, brands strive to include mobile advertising in their marketing strategy.

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In terms of its management, the main objectives of a Digital Marketing strategy are still to raise interest in the products and services offered by the company and to generate sales orders.

Although a marketing campaign’s final goal is to achieve sales orders, there are some intermediary or equally important objectives such as Customer Acquisition (attraction), Customer Retention (loyalty) and Make Consolidation (Branding).

Currently, thanks to the available technology, campaigns can be designed with great creativity. As we know, videos are major advertizing tools, transmitted on leading media like YouTube and social networks. On YouTube, for example, you can find video clips worthy of your enjoyment and for your convenience links are included at the end of the commercials.

The ability to reach a much wider and targeted public 24 hours a day is of unimaginable value for brands and for all companies willing to put the effort in to sustain their business and improve.

A good marketing campaign becomes more complex when it comes to digital marketing and therefore requires meticulous management and complete control of all the initiatives and elements involved in the campaign. Standard CRM software is not ideal due to its rigidity, however marketing automation, for example, through the creation of applications using processes developed by a BPM software (without the need for any programming to create the models and run the processes automatically) is very viable and in fact extremely efficient. 

It is important to do your research and chose the best BPM software, i.e. one that you can trial and be certain will solve Internet marketing campaigns as well as the traditional sort, one that combines them both, known as “Blended Marketing”.

With AuraPortal we check that the entire lifecycle of a marketing initiative can be automated, from the design, planning and execution to measuring the results. Furthermore, AuraPortal enables the use of all available media and the latest technologies, maximizing the advantages of the Internet, such as search engines, email, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). AuraPortal also provides the option to work on process workflows using mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

Here are the links as promised:

An example of a very successful campaign launched by Volkswagen which is extremely well thought out can be seen Here.

We are pleased to invite you to watch this extraordinary commercial of Johnnie Walker Blue Label entitled SYMPHONY IN BLUE starring the delightful Jude Law.