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18 February 2015

Digital Economy in the Global Economy

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The digital revolution which is transforming our world is leading to the emergence of many sectors and industries.

It is very interesting to see how these innovative and futuristic industries proliferate, supported by new technologies and in their associated services. It is also interesting to witness how digital economy, the intensive use of the Internet applied to the economy, is gaining an important position in global economy.

economia digital en europa

Models like e-Commerce, social networks and e-Learning are clear examples of business models based on the communication possibilities offered by this digital media, the Internet.

The development of future companies is vital for modernization and the economy’s sustainable growth, hence the need for a climate of confidence and trust in the digital domain.

It is a question of effectively implementing ICT in companies to help them encourage their insertion in the digital economy so that they can make the most of available technology and generate greater productivity and a competitive edge.

Digital Economy needs Big Data and Cloud Computing

Big Data is not only an immense collection of data for storage, we should also be able to analyze the data in great detail and convert this information into knowledge which can be applied, otherwise Big Data would be meaningless; we cannot base decisions on just a large quantity of data.

A competitive company needs to be aware of the generated information 24/7 and should never be exposed to situations caused by server failures or irretrievable data losses. There is a pressing need for excellent infrastructure, which is difficult to maintain due to its cost, but preventing losses resulting from server failures is a priority, not only for large and medium sized companies but also for all companies which use the Internet extensively.

Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO Veeam, explains that businesses must always be connected… Companies can no longer afford to operate only during office hours, or to have their servers disconnected for hours due to IT failures.

Cloud Computing. The solution to permanent connectivity

Nowadays totally reliable infrastructures do exist and allow data storage and the installation of applications in more than one place so that in the event of a setback (for example an earthquake) information would never be lost and work would not cease. These places are Data Centers and they have all the infrastructure, hardware and software ready to provide companies or any type of organisms with the services they require quickly and securely.

Whatever the level of service, the user does not have to invest in hardware or software. The Cloud provider is responsible for all necessary investments.


What equipment do Cloud Computing users need?

The only equipment needed is a terminal, such as a Workstation, a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone with Internet connection.

After confirming that Cloud Computing is a valid and interesting alternative, due to the clear advantages it has in most cases, AURA has extended its scope to provide the services of an overall Cloud Provider through AuraPortal Helium applications.

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