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24 April 2015

Customer Service: Millennial Expectations

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The millennial generation is known for having high technological demands and millennials are so tech-dependent they are often described as having FOBO (Fear of Being Offline). Marketing strategies must consider the needs and concerns of this generation as they will soon be the most powerful customer force. In the not too distant future they will overtake the baby boomers.

Millennials demand the relevance of brands for everything. They expect the world to revolve around them and their smart devices, i.e. they want service on all their devices.

They expect their demands to be resolved quickly and want companies to anticipate and meet their every need. Just as companies like Amazon and other online service companies do already. Such companies continue anticipating the needs of consumers with services such as deliveries in 24h, good complaint and rating systems and many other aspects that consumers value highly.

With this in mind, the future consumer;

  1. Will find more ways to contact companies. Nowadays people often use their mobile, Internet, social media or call centers. We can expect the continuous apparition of new communication channels therefore companies must be ready for change.
  2. Will reward companies for anticipating their needs. This is already happening. Anticipation of customer needs leads to a reduced churn rate. A happy customer is a loyal customer and moreover is one that will speak highly of the company. This trend will continue in the future but companies will need to work hard to keep ahead of their customers to provide customer service and make contact through their preferred means of communication. The trend consists of understanding the customer by using all possible tools, such as intelligent analysis software.

Companies must also design their strategies and operations from beginning to end to provide excellent comprehensive customer service. This means that focusing on and excelling in a single action, such as customer support, will not be enough, instead companies will have to excel in all areas; web services, applications, complaint management, etc.