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13 March 2015

Cost Reduction

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All companies are concerned about reducing costs. The cost of materials, services and general expenses, together, constitute the majority of company budget expenditure.

It is often easier and quicker to boost profits by reducing costs and expenses than increasing income. However, reducing costs without compromising the service or product quality is more complicated. Therefore the ideal solution involves knowing how to manage everything that concerns company administration in an optimal and automated manner to adjust costs.

Process Management using correctly implemented BPM software like AuraPortal achieves:

  • An average reduction in processing time of 70% for business processes.
  • Drastic reduction in administrative costs.cost reduction
  • Easy access to the latest technology for internal and external organization and communication.
  • Maximum customer satisfaction. Direct customer participation in company processes simplifies, streamlines and personalizes the service they receive.

Which factors have contributed to the adoption and implementation of a BPM Suite in organizations?

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Furthermore, it is an accessible solution in both technical and economic terms. The implementation of a BPM suite gives immediate benefits, such as a substantial increase in operational efficiency evident in every aspect:

  • Large increase in Productivity
  • More ability to control and analyze.
  • Greater speed and adaptation to changes in the company

There are also many other Operational Benefits such as:

  • Improved interpersonal relationships (including employees and externals)
  • Scrupulous compliance with regulations
  • Or the automation of the continuous improvement cycle