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04 March 2015

Coordinating Marketing and Sales with BPM

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You can easily coordinate Marketing and Sales with a BPM Suite.

The truth is that many marketing and sales departments don’t communicate well enough to optimize operations. They often place too little importance on inter departmental communication and some don’t even consider it possible. Time flies by and we are often too rushed off our feet to communicate.

The existence of all types of similar products from different manufacturers complicates sales. As a result the qualities needed for sales should be more exquisite in order to improve customer relations, to gain trust and, of course, to ensure that the company offers after sales service with even more care and attention, if possible, than used in the sale.


Sales teams need support

Is it easy for a company to support the efforts of its sales team and simplify their work?

Yes it is! It can be very easy to support sales from departments that are not directly related to sales.

  • Good publicity for the product and of course the company (through a corporate website, product campaigns, events).
  • An excellent after sales service (at long last this service is given the importance it deserves).
  • Technology platforms which help to manage and coordinate the different areas of company activity. These platforms must be informative and easy to use (the users should find it attractive and not reject it due to its complexity).

It is quite difficult to reconcile all company areas so that the vendors in particular, given the lack of collaboration and coordination, ‘cope with’ the relationship with all staff. If we look carefully we can see that marketing teams head in one direction, sales in another and administration another… and with all the good will in the world it’s not always easy to synchronize all areas well enough to achieve the desired success.

Collaboration and coordination are often the missing links in company management.

We are only human and have our limits but in just a few decades we have invested heavily in research and achieved great results; we can and must be consistent and take advantage of the new technology and software on offer.

One of the latest great achievements is the Internet and all related technology, but there has also been another extremely important and revolutionary innovation in the world of software which enables changes to business strategy: Business Process management (BPM) put into practice through BPM Suites.

BPMS ciclo

To accomplish a good publicity campaign companies need to rely on information platforms to enable the necessary communication and coordination between marketing and sales. Without a doubt, BPM is the most appropriate software.

According to almost all analysts, the arrival of BPM represents perhaps the most important innovation in the business software domain, comparable to the revolutionary emergence of the Internet.

AURA has developed AuraPortal BPM (Business Process Management) to improve your company and solve all its communication and coordination problems.

AuraPortal, with its integrated CRM y BPM capabilities, provides the most effective management software on the market. It offers automatic marketing processes and services that provide ready-to-use solutions to attract new customers, increase sales and build customer loyalty.

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