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12 March 2015

Controlling Counterfeit Notes with IoT and BPM

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The Combination of BPM and IoT empowers the control of counterfeit notes

The new concept Internet of Things combined with ‘innovative’ and ‘suitable’ Business Process Management (BPM) software can initiate processes based on the activation of sensors or other systems. This can also lead to the detection of counterfeit notes.

Not so long ago, when a bank employee, usually the cashier, detected a counterfeit note they immediately stopped their activity to go in person to their appropriate superior to show them the suspected counterfeit. This often caused an inconvenience for the customers in the queue and for the bank itself, which logically needed to appease the customers whilst at the same time trying to attend to them all as quickly as possible, as the employee dealing with the counterfeit note was momentarily unable to carry out their usual activity.

Although today there are still too many banks that operate in this way, there are also others, which on the contrary, have been updated and automatically manage the entire process from the detection of the counterfeit note to informing the appropriate agencies.

The process can be very simple as demonstrated by the automation made with AuraPortal.

Internet of Things combined with AuraPortal BPM can initiate processes which alert and report the detection of counterfeit notes

Thanks to Internet services, the new concept Internet of Things in conjunction with AuraPortal, enable process initiation based on the activation of sensors or other systems.

Thanks to the integration of the machine that detects counterfeit notes and AuraPortal, the entire process is automated so that tasks that are made subsequently to the detection of counterfeits run as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

We often visit the bank to deposit our money and either go to the cashier or use the automatic deposit machine.

The instant the machine automatically detects one or more counterfeit notes, without any human intervention, it informs the system which initiates a process (using system tasks) which reports to different entities and agencies such as the Police, National Bank, etc. hereby fulfilling the appropriate regulations in force.

The following image is one possible example (to clarify, this is only one of many examples and this activity can be handled in various ways):

Diagrama BPM