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03 February 2015

Complaint Management

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Companies provide customer service to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment they place an order. All the company activities performed to this effect are qualitatively improved if automated using BPM software. Customer service activities include customer complaint and suggestion management.

Customer complaint and suggestion management is no trivial matter!

Neither is it unrelated to the size of the company nor the number of customers. Especially in these times of fierce competition, any mishandled incident may result in the loss of a customer. Each and every complaint must be dealt with the utmost severity and expected urgency.

Similarly, customers who take the initiative to make suggestions hope to at least be heard and acknowledged as quickly as possible.

Of course, the greater the number of customers the greater the complexity. This is mainly due to the possible number of complaints and suggestions. Faced with this avalanche,

Wouldn’t it be much more effective to automate Complaint and Suggestion Management with BPM software having already demonstrated their great efficacy?

The fact that one process automatically sets another process in motion can be of interest to organizations:

Let’s imagine the advantages of a Complaint Management Process that automatically activates a Quality Process and regulations without the need to memorize or consult papers, a completely automatic process using data derived from the system.

Very important:

Avoid resorting to programming in process automation. Organizations are not yet fully aware of the savings in time and costs involved in automating business processes without resorting to programming.

Nowadays organizations can demand this technology (although at present I only know of AuraPortal that uses it) and verify that when a BPM provider says their software doesn’t need programming that it means “literally” no programming  and is applicable to both simple and complex processes alike.

Not only at the time of process implementation but also in its future optimization to obtain increased efficiency given that a process always needs changes for its improvement (especially if the simulations performed were statistical not real)

Very appealing:

For the good management of customer services it would help if the organization had a place integrated in its corporate web page which we will call “Private Zone” designed for each individual customer. In this zone the customer can execute a series of actions, like making a complaint, using a case specific form which has been perfectly designed by the organization to obtain all the necessary information to correctly attend to their clients.

When a customer makes a complaint they initiate a process and a task appears in the appropriate employee’s workflow containing all the information supplied by the customer. The following flow will depend on the process design

The following is an example of a customer complaint form

Formulario de Inicio

As you can see, in addition to the fields relating to the type of consultation, an image of the object relating to the claim can be inserted in the comments section and also in the ‘Documents’ section you can include the receipt of purchase. Another option with the same effect would be the use of External Portals (Extranet) designed by the organization.

Customer Service can be managed effectively using AuraPortal Helium.

I don’t wish to take up any more of your time, that’s all for now. Have a good day!