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19 January 2015

Commercial Activity and Business Process Management

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As commercial function is the main driving force behind a company, it is linked to all other activities performed.

Therefore it is of vital importance, as is the necessity to immediately adapt to market requirements. Even though this has always been the case, the arrival of the Internet has changed things. Today a large share of the market is on the Internet.

It seems clear that the majority of companies, from any sector (not just online sales) will need to quickly adapt Marketing, sales and after-sales care to meet new market demands, because existing and future customers, whether individuals or companies, will wish to interact online using their computers or mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Mobiles, etc.)


But this change is not easy. In addition to the necessary change in attitude to understand and apply these new management concepts, it is important to optimize company processes to ensure consistency and agility.

Next generation BPM Suites are specifically designed platforms to operate business using the Internet and are located at the forefront of systems which enable Online Business (or e-Business). Their presence is of overwhelming importance in the business sector with increased growth and importance for enterprises predicted in the coming years

For example, With AuraPortal, companies design their own tailored CRM in hours without the need for programming knowledge, becoming completely adjusted to the necessities and means and coordinating all commercial activities.

  • Commercial Organization. Optimize the company’s commercial organization by intercommunication, through process flows, between marketing, sales, support, and office staff, agents, Partners and customers, increasing customer satisfaction and drastically reducing costs.
  • Marketing. Automate the entire life cycle of marketing initiatives, from design, planning and execution to measuring the results. Separating customers into multiple profiles allows the generation of campaigns which can be particularized according to customer characteristics and preferences, achieving an optimization of resources and results. Furthermore, it enables the use of all available media and the latest technologies.
  • Customer Service. Excellent customer service is vital for their loyalty. With AuraPortal you can involve all staff and Partners in the process of customer satisfaction. The information and coordination of the entire team will improve the service making it more agile and personalized as well as reducing costs. These advantages enable financial demands ensuring a drastic decline in defaults, which is so desirable at these times.