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08 April 2015

Colombian School of Engineering iBPMS Case Study

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The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, is a technological University dedicated to the integral training of students with a high level of scientific, technical and humanistic training. It offers eight professional programs, has 477 lecturers and over 5000 students attending both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and 7 buildings on a campus covering 27.5 hectares.

The BPM software implementation in the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito has greatly improved the organization’s management.

It was essential to have a BPM approach that didn’t treat all the functional areas of the company independently (Juridical areas, production, marketing, HR, etc.), they needed to be handled together as a whole, in which the processes achieve the institution’s objectives.

The purchasing and recruitment process was found to be the most complex process of the entity. The institution uses this process to control operations with over a thousand suppliers. It is a strategic process of great complexity which the school hoped to implement in three months, but with AuraPortal’s strategic help it was achieved in two months.

AuraPortal iBPMS helped to reduce paper documentation which was difficult to orderly document. Now all movements are recorded in the AuraPortal inbox.

We have software which is very simple for the end user, people can monitor their processes and the purchasing agents have their work organized. Contracts leave on time. Previously our contracts often had long delays, but now, with this BPM it only takes a matter of minutes from when the task is received.

Furthermore, as Karen López (Manager of the process engineering faculty ECI) stated, thanks to AuraPortal they benefit from indicators which allow them to continue optimizing the institution’s processes. A clearly successful case study in which The Colombian School of Engineering is pleased with its technological union with AuraPortal.