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22 January 2015

Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing is reliable, guarantees Privacy and provides Legal Protection if we use it.

The market has finally proved that Cloud technology works and by understanding the reasoning and demonstrations from the large corporations specializing in providing IaaS or SaaS, (who devote many resources to ensure a robust service with large storage capacity and guaranteed security), initial doubts and fears are beginning to subside and amongst the many suggestions from CIOs is:

Shall we analyze the use of Cloud Computing?

Once its benefits have been demonstrated and given its economic implication, Cloud Computing has many points in its favor to be a viable alternative worthy of consideration.

Cloud Computing offers substantial advantages with important added value: Whatever the level of service chosen by the user, the Cloud provider handles all the necessary investments, the users need only organize a work station, which could be a PC, a tablet or Smartphone with Internet connection.


AuraPortal provides insightful information on this subject. If you wish to access the information, I have provided a link below for your convenience. One explanation is:

The idea behind Cloud is simple. It consists of adopting the same model for computing services as the one used for public services, for example, the supply of electricity.

We live in a time in which the remarkable feature, and I emphasize, is speed. Indeed as soon as a hardware server is released another model hits the market with superior benefits which is more adaptable to the latest software demands, in such a way that budgets are either zero due to costs, or in the majority of cases it constitutes unstoppable spending.

However not all expenses are on Hardware, which in fact accounts for the least cost nowadays, we must add the cost of installation, updates and maintenance. It is easy to imagine the need for even small companies to have a server farm  to obtain a good service. Let’s add to this the cost of operating systems and their maintenance, antivirus software and its maintenance, basic programs for installation and their maintenance as well as the costs for staff dedicated to ensuring correct functioning, let’s calculate the value of this first.

Now let’s value the initial and maintenance costs involved in the acquisition of owning business management software or for now not even owning it. Even if we are quite satisfied with the quotes so far, do they include maintenance in order to benefit from updates?, will they need installing?…..

Why not stop for a moment and take a good look at reliable information on Cloud Computing? You could begin for example, by reading this, which is sound, concise and clear, what AuraPortal has to offer.

We will be writing more articles on this interesting hot topic of  Cloud Computing.