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28 December 2015

Christmas Campaign, presents and returns

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BPM Software is a great help for retailers and large stores as it facilitates their daily process agility.

However, the huge advantage of business process software is even more apparent during busy times like these. This is because Christmas is not only the busiest time of year for sales, but it is also the period of the most returns and exchanges. It is customary to buy gifts during the festive period but getting the right gift is more difficult than managing returns and exchanges.


BPM products integrate stock and logistic software with those of sales and orders, making it possible to track any transaction.

Business Process Management (BPM) software is a great solution for both online and offline retailers, because it allows the optimum and efficient management of gift returns that companies face following the Christmas frenzy. For large stores it is even more difficult to manage this service due to the magnitude of sales and business. Furthermore, after the Christmas frenzy, the period of returns begins, along with the January sales to make things even more complicated.


In order to achieve the automation of the information flow between workers and to keep track of all their sales, BPM products can manage each transaction in great detail. For example, if a customer returns a product twice, these types of business solutions enable the complete tracking of the transaction, from beginning to end in real-time, they check what could have happened and attempt to appease the unsatisfied customers by giving them the fastest possible solution.

It is clear that when things are done with an established order and rules structure everything, process optimization enables business transactions to flow easier and at the end of the day makes the close of business much simpler. Without these tools to help chaotic situations people usually resort to improvisation, but this can cause headaches and during campaigns as big as Christmas time, improvisation can cause big losses for our businesses.