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19 February 2015

Change Management in BPM projects

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The correct implementation of a BPM suite will improve the entire organization. It will bring weaknesses to light and strengthen all activities. However, it requires substantial Changes in Management and even in the way work is performed.

For individuals and for organizations, any change involves moving away from the usual, well known and tested function (comfort zone), towards a new function, which could be perceived as risky or threatening ( danger zone), therefore if measures are not taken to appease concerns it could considerably ruin the success of any project.

As a process management implementation project using a BPM suite affects all or most of the company, its success largely depends on appropriate change management in the organizational culture aimed at people, ensuring alignment of thought/ action which in turn leads to the coherence and coordination of actions focused on achieving results.

The change causes incertitude as the results are unknown until it is in place. Therefore this change rejection is general and affects those responsible for the change and also everyone involved in it.


Basically, this fear is appeased if each and every participant believes that they will benefit from the change.

Thus, the change can only happen with managerial involvement and the participation of leaders who motivate the staff. Staff will become involved when they are treated as active subjects, have responsibilities and feel important and valued within the company.

The Role of someone participating in the project could be:

  • The role of process implementer and modifier: basically, those responsible for the change, including managers, executives and intermediary heads of various departments through which the processes flow and all Users in their role of helping to define the processes by giving their opinion of how work is actually performed and suggesting possible improvements.
  • The role of the User who works by executing process tasks from day to day.

It must be understood that a large number of staff will assume both roles, because in addition to being system users they may participate to a greater or lesser extent in the implementation.

The change will affect these people in both their roles, indeed, the greater their participation in the implementation, the greater their motivation and positivity toward assuming the change as a user.

The biggest help these entities will receive to make the change in BPM projects will come from the platform itself.

If the interface of the worktable and of each task is designed with the users’ wellbeing in mind, the work will be comfortable and problem free and the initial rejection will transform into satisfaction and efficiency.

Business-rules-engine (1)


With AuraPortal automated workflow operations are extremely comfortable, much more so than if AuraPortal is not used. The fact of writing everything on the computer screen is more of a break than a burden. Having AuraPortal does not mean more work; on the contrary, work is reduced. The proof is that when people start to use this system and discover how easy and efficient it is, they wouldn’t contemplate working any other way.

In fact, as soon as a process is running:

  • The system itself is the driving force that distributes work to everyone who should execute an action of any kind, in accordance with the Process Diagram, the Business Rules applicable to the process and the annotations made by each participant.
  • Each of these people, on receiving the task in their personal agenda, does their work according to the task instructions, expresses their opinion and completes the task.
  • Each task contains all the necessary data and documents for the executor to complete their work without having to leave the task, even if they are contained in other integrated applications used by the entity. The executor does not need to look for information; the information comes to him/her.

Thus, system users are likely to accept this new software and will be happy to learn and adapt to the use of innovative next generation BPM software like AuraPortal.