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15 September 2011

Cato Technologies joins AuraPortal as latest U.S. channel partner

New strategic partnership with Cato Technologies, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California to sell and support the AuraPortal BPMS solution. Cato provides business process improvement (BPI), legacy and Domino application modernization solutions for companies looking to deploy a continuous process improvement framework. The partnership will allow Cato to deliver AuraPortal’s tools and services as an extension of their current BPI and application development services offerings. With the agreement, Cato will be able distribute and to provide services surrounding the AuraPortal Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) to organizations looking to improve their efficiency and operational discipline. 

AuraPortal is best known for its innovative features such as the automatic building of Process Execution Engines directly from the modeling diagram without the need for IT programming.  As a result, AuraPortal enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy business process improvement solutions faster than traditional, custom coding methods. The people closest to the processes are empowered to easily design, manage, and control entire business processes without the need of custom programming. 

According to Emmet Kinsellagh, President of Cato Technologies, Inc. AuraPortal is one of the few next generation BPM tools that facilitate a new paradigm of tremendous ROI on BPM. We look forward to extending the benefits of AuraPortal to our customers.” 

We’re pleased to have Cato Technologies join us as our latest U.S. partner ”, said Pablo Trilles, Vice President of AuraPortal.  Cato has the BPM background and experience to deliver highly practical and market appropriate BPM models using our AuraPortal BPMS Enterprise Platform. Their experience helping companies make a transition from, as well as sustaining, legacy systems in their business process improvement initiative ensures that companies are able to realize better performance in a shorter period of time. We expect Cato to be able to leverage the full extent of our Enterprise Management platform including a full BPMS (Business Process Management Suite), considered by the experts as the world’s most advanced, complete and easy-to-use; an Extensive Document Management Facilities containing automatic generation of intelligent documents with automatic signatures and an agile file system; a new concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) based on Process Patterns including ‘Marketing Automation’ with tailored Marketing Campaigns and Sales Opportunities follow-up; an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) with powerful publishing and broadcasting possibilities; and a revolutionary system for creating, by the user, an Online Commerce platform in his own web site including shopping cart and payment processing gateways. All without the need of any programming experience.  


Cato provides Business Process Improvement, Application Replacement and augmentation, as well as business process accelerator services for both vertical and horizontal application needs. Cato’s Zen BPM accelerator offering is a combination of 80% best business practices and 20% of an organization’s unique value-add. Accelerators are foundations of new business processes for a variety of vertical and horizontal processes. Cato Accelerators meet new and additional business requirements without costly modification of core business systems. They are a jump start to any BPM project designed to deliver high return on investment in the shortest period of time. For more information, visit: