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What are Business Rules and how do they work?

There are many definitions of Business Rules and there is even a manifesto published in over 10 languages establishing the conditions to be met. The practical application of Business Rules in an intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) can be defined as the set of rules that make up the structural framework, policy, strategy and operations of an organization.

What role does technology play in Education?

Technology unavoidably reaches all aspects of our lives. When we consider education, technology may appear to be rather harmful. Many tend to think that technology does more harm than good to their young students. A generation that lives attached to their mobiles or computers, who hardly play out and resort to browsing the internet for homework answers they can copy and paste.

The Culture of Emotional Intelligence in the Company

If used well, emotional intelligence can lead to exemplary job performance, encompassing far more than the employee’s technical aptitude. As emotional intelligence makes it possible to perceive, understand, control and modify our own and other people’s emotions, its correct use will make the working environment much more pleasant.