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Digital Transformation

New technologies are emerging every day and a growing number of devices and people enter the huge flow of data and interactions which make up the Internet of today. Therefore digital transformation is an ongoing process.

Case Study New Millennia Group

New Millennia Group PLC is a group of companies which operates in the 28 billion pound recruitment industry within the UK. The company specializes in back office and funding, specifically targeting the temporary recruitment sector. The administration and funding facility includes payroll, invoicing, credit control, credit insurance, all the legal contracts and funding for the entire transaction.

BPMS methods of integration and software

Company operations are defined by its activities. Processes are the sequence of activities to achieve a specific purpose. If the scope of a BPMS (a business software to design and implement the automation of processes) covers all company activities, where do the other applications used by the company fit in?

BPMS and Dynamic Project Management

Project Management excellence should be based on a Business Process Management with outstanding automation functionalities. It should also be agile and flexible enough to carry out instant changes and adjustments without losing control.

Luis Corbí Pharmacy Case Study

Luis Corbí Pharmacy is an industry-renowned company which also complies with the functions of the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its next generation laboratory. It has a team of health professionals who take a keen interest in people’s health and wellbeing and look for a balance of body and mind through natural therapy.

Smart City

Smart City is an emerging concept and is therefore subject to constant revision. It refers to a type of urban development that uses high technology to achieve sustainable development capable of meeting the population’s basic needs.

Change Management in BPM implementation projects

The correct implementation of a BPM suite will improve the entire organization. It will bring weaknesses to light and strengthen all activities. However, it requires substantial Changes in Management and even in understanding the way work is performed therefore it’s not risk free.

BPA software Vs. BPM software

There are many independent BPA tools on the market that allow modeling but they only empower the presentation of the process, not its execution. In order to execute the process it is essential to have a BPM suite, whereas a BPM suite should incorporate its own BPA for modeling purposes.

5 factors to help company growth

You should not settle for a rigid business model. The speed of adaptation to change is critical to the success or failure of a company. Competition is increasing and how quickly companies adapt to changes in the business ecosystem will determine the success of their actions as a company.

Business Rules and Process Rules

It is important to mention that, although all BPM suites incorporate Process Rules (even if only in their divergent gates), very few vendors of BPMS tools (such as AuraPortal iBPMS) incorporate Business Rules which are independent from the processes. Therefore it is essential to differentiate between Business Rules and Process Rules.

What are Business Rules and how do they work?

There are many definitions of Business Rules and there is even a manifesto published in over 10 languages establishing the conditions to be met. The practical application of Business Rules in an intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) can be defined as the set of rules that make up the structural framework, policy, strategy and operations of an organization.