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17 March 2016

Case Study Zon-IQ

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Zon-IQ is a company dedicated to the sale, consultancy and marketing of solar panels in the growing solar energy market. With a motivated team and partners including Public and Environmental Services, the company focuses on providing the best possible technical advice, directing much of its efforts on customer service, from the initial consultation to the technical installation of the panels.


Being in an immature market, Zon-IQ chose AuraPortal iBPMS to begin organizational and process management, as time was of the essence and AuraPortal was able to implement the processes with the necessary speed and flexibility. Leon Harrewyn, COO of Zon-IQ commented:

The processes had to be implemented very quickly to avoid getting stuck with the traditional software, so we chose to implement the AuraPortal BPM tool.

Zon-IQ completed the initial stage in a matter of days, and their first processes were automated within hours, with the help of AuraPortal consultants.

The BPM technology has unified the various parts of the organization: employees, partners, customers, consultants, installers, accounts, etc., becoming completely interconnected and empowering all users to start and execute processes.  Process Management has enabled Zon-IQ to make changes extremely fast and with great flexibility. Eneco (The parent company of Zon-IQ) has already requested the use of AuraPortal for other customer offerings.