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19 January 2016

Case Study Panagroteh Group

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Panagroteh Group is a company which specializes in agricultural machinery with over ten years experience in the sector. It operates in the Northwest region of Romania and has an active radius of 250/300 kilometers. In addition to sales and services, the company aims to offer the best possible technical advice and a wide range of machinery from low cost to premium products.

The company opted for AuraPortal iBPMS software after realizing that it was investing too much time searching for appropriate solutions for its customers and that it suffered from employee communication issues.


Panagroteh Group also required a database that could process all the information received from their suppliers, customers and the external market.

AuraPortal has enabled the company to solve its issues and has improved other key aspects. For Panagroteh Group it was important to keep a record of all actions performed in the company and the results of each action. With AuraPortal all process-related activities are automatically registered along with the results. Furthermore, the processes automatically generate statistics which are used for monitoring purposes and empower well-informed decision making.

We chose AuraPortal because we saw that it could manage all our issues. We saw that it is endlessly customizable and that it is a really user-friendly program.

– Valer Boros, CEO of Panagreteh Group –

Regarding the Future, the company is implementing a sales process based on ISO9001 standards with AuraPortal, to describe and keep track of the procedures.