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21 May 2015

Case Study New Millennia Group

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New Millennia Group PLC is a group of companies which operates in the 28 billion pound recruitment industry within the UK. The company specializes in back office and funding, specifically targeting the temporary recruitment sector. The administration and funding facility includes payroll, invoicing, credit control, credit insurance, all the legal contracts and funding for the entire transaction.

One of the main problems facing the company was the need to combine the several disparate software programs used with documentation which involved a lot of printing, paper, archives, folders, pigeon holes, etc. This system proved arduous and inefficient.  New Millennia requested a demonstration from AuraPortal and were impressed with the BPM software.

We asked for a very similar demonstration from the other providers as well and AuraPortal beats the competitors hands down. They have a massive client portfolio with very good customer references.”

Paul O’Rourke, Business Manager at New Millennia

Thanks to AuraPortal, New Millennia has managed to develop and improve its processes and has won a WfMC Global Award for Excellence in BPM and Workflow.


New Millennia was invited to be a key speaker at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit and was recognized by Gartner for its integration of over 600 automated processes which have been connected to external optical recognition software packages for temporary workers that clock in and out of a warehouse facility. This initiative is a clear example of the integration of Internet of Things with a BPMS.

Process management has helped New Millennia to achieve significant improvements, such as:

  • A 65% reduction in software provider costs as they are no longer required.
  • A 20% reduction in staff.
  • A 70% reduction in overall consumables.