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15 April 2015

Business Rules and Process Rules

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It is important to mention that, although all BPM suites incorporate Process Rules (even if only in their divergent gates), very few vendors of BPMS tools (such as AuraPortal iBPMS) incorporate Business Rules which are independent from the processes. Therefore it is essential to differentiate between Business Rules and Process Rules.

  • Process Rules: As their name suggests, these are rules which apply to a specific process, therefore they are established, configured and managed from the process Model and their scope and responsibility is limited to the process configured in the Modeling stage. Therefore they are not independent from the process in which they were defined and are consequently not applicable to other processes, nor can they be stored in a general corporate repository for storing general regulations and procedures, as is the case with the Business Rules.
  • Business Rules:  As their name suggests, they pertain to the business in general and therefore remain independent from the processes and are configured separately in the Business Rule Manager.

Each Business Rule is stored in a general repository and therefore can be applied to as many diagram objects as necessary, in any one of the company’s processes, providing consistency, uniformity and control.

From a practical point of view they allow for remarkable savings in implementation times/costs and in the day-to-day changes. This is possible because, by changing the rule, the changes are immediately applied to all of the affected objects in every single one of the entity’s processes.

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