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Your BPM & Workflow software in the Cloud with #AuraPortalCloud
11 February 2014

Business Process Management available to any company with AuraPortal Cloud

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AuraPortal Cloud, risk-free investment in a process automation project.

Cloud2Thanks to the Cloud Computing technology incorporated in the AuraPortal BPM, there is no longer the need for an IT infrastructure or expert staff to install, configure, test, execute, update and optimize processes for the continuous improvement in any organization.

(*)AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

On top of all these advantages, there is also the added saving in deployment and implementation time compared to other traditional BPM systems. Together, these advantages represent a significant reduction in the cost previously involved with these types of project, and the elimination of the risk they carried.

Manel Orovio, Technical Director at AuraPortal, explains the benefits of working with AuraPortal Cloud: “In the same way that one can simply plug in a cable to the mains supply to obtain electricity without having to think about the cost and knowledge required to build and manage power plants and distribution grids, any company (public or private) can manage its processes with AuraPortal BPM by simply connecting to Internet from any browser, on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. They no longer have to worry about the investment and knowledge required to acquire and manage the hardware and software involved in this service.”