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BPM con Comercio Online
20 May 2014

AuraPortal Offers First BPM with Fully Integrated eCommerce System

This extraordinary eCommerce innovation in the BPM software allows online orders to be fully integrated with the supply chain, enabling an unprecedented automation of sales operations.

eCommerce system integrated into business processes

BPM con Comercio OnlineAuraPortal  has announced  the presentation of its eCommerce module integrated with the Business Process Management.

(*) AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

“Sales growth through eCommerce has skyrocketed. Online Commerce is rapidly becoming standard practice, and most companies, not just retail, should adapt the promotion, sale and after sales service of their products and services to customers (whether individuals or other companies) who nowadays want to communicate, shop and manage their services over the internet on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) or computers,” says Igna Almar, Sales Director at AuraPortal.

With AuraPortal, any company can create and maintain its own website, and configure the eCommerce and Content Management platform, shopping cart, payment gateway, etc., without having to hire a specialist.

BPM con Comercio ElectrónicoThe employees themselves are the ones who easily design and maintain the totally customizable eCommerce system integrated with all the company processes and all the transactional activity monitored by AuraPortal BPM.

“Sales operations have never been automated in this way,” says Manel Orovio, Technical Director at AuraPortal. “The total integration of eCommerce with procurement, sales and supply chain processes is an exceptional development, as it enables an unprecedented automation of operations with customers. The eCommerce actions performed are not just added to a database, they are actually converted into information flowing through the company processes.”

And through AuraPortal Cloud, this solution is available to any economy.