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27 March 2015

BPM Suites are in high demand from financial entities

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Some sectors have a greater need for process automation due to the sheer quantity of processes and also the speed and fluidity required.

Regulations, customer service, customer retention, etc. are some of the issues that entities in this sector need to resolve in the best possible way. Since the beginning of the global economic crisis, these companies have intensified their search for software to become more efficient and optimize their processes.

The process lifecycle for the high risk financial sector should be perfectly controlled from beginning to end. In order to control what happens in the company it is essential to have the appropriate technology that complies with specific requirements regarding flexibility, adaptability, fast implementation, reliability and modernity. These aspects can be found in an iBPMS like AuraPortal as its powerful BPM engine incorporates predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analytics, social collaboration and all levels of mobility.

AuraPortal Helium is one of the most powerful business process tools on the market and has proven reliability in the financial sector with many important customers including Scotiabank, Santander Bank and Banco Falabella.

It is easier to improve business processes with AuraPortal. AuraPortal makes it possible to automate alerts which propose offers to increase customer acquisition and avoid the risk of customer loss. Each and every one of the actions performed by the company is stored in the system and all decisions can be controlled in real time.

Financial entities increase demand on BPM