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26 May 2015

BPM of Things, Connection is the key

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In five years time there are expected to be ten times more connected objects than people and although it may not appear to be relevant to BPM, it most certainly is. Connecting intelligent objects with a BPM is a way to increase its intelligence and make tasks more efficient and effective.

The ‘Things’ in Internet of Things provide more ways to interact with processes. The Internet of Things enables the optimal management of information which is provided by machines and then used at enterprise level.

Initially processes were aimed at people, then at people with the integration of systems and data and currently processes involve people, data, events and Things.  The evolution is clear and justified by today’s increasing need for connectivity. The Internet connects everything and all these connected devices collect data for analysis.

A digital company must be capable of handling three important elements;

  • Intelligent Machines: controlling them and having the technology to communicate with the intelligent machines.
  • Advanced Analytics: real-time analysis of all available information is important, i.e. the analysis of massive amounts of data. The phenomenon of Big Data is linked to the need for real-time data analysis to facilitate decision-making among company executives. Real-time analysis would be impossible without the correct systems to efficiently manage all the information.
  • Available Personnel: people are no-longer tied to the desk, hence the need for mobile device connectivity to check the status of tasks, their execution, etc. Thus if a company has mobile technology it will reduce waiting times and improve accessibility. For example, if the person responsible for approving a task is not at their work station they can perform the task using their mobile device without delay.SMAC

This company innovation is thanks to the four disruptive forces mentioned by Gartner, SMAC technology (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). When a company has this technology and adds the Internet of Things the possibilities are endless, they become more productive, uncover new business opportunities and generally become more competitive.