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13 January 2016 Recognizes AuraPortal as a Top Influencer in BPM

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Nathaniel Palmer, the Editor-in-chief of and Executive Director of the Workflow Management Coalition features AuraPortal’s predictions in his article about the year ahead for BPM. In the article, Nathaniel commented:

The enterprises  who have adopted BPM are forever changed for the better.” He continued, “Indeed, everything today that we see, touch, buy, consume, require to live will all be affected in one capacity or another. We can say with a straight face that it will be nearly impossible to identify any part of digital lives not touched by process technology.”

AuraPortal iBPMS empowers organizations to make optimal use of this new technology and digital media.

In 2016 Digital Transformation will be a priority for organizations as they realize its importance in building new business opportunities and increasing customer engagement. IoT will be involved in more BPM projects. Disruptive technologies, gadgets, wearables and innovation will enhance the customer experience and drive deeper customer engagement. Leading BPM vendors will inspire customers to leverage new technologies and embrace innovation. These devices and solutions will redefine competitive advantage in practically every industry with exceptional development in manufacturing, transportation, retail and healthcare.

Customer expectations will drive vendors to deliver faster solutions with demonstrable ROIs. To meet the challenges vendors will simplify processes to adjust to the constantly changing customer behaviors, providing agile processes that work at the pace of dynamic customers with increased importance on personalized experiences.

Technology will accelerate business, emphasizing the need for real-time information, fast intelligent analysis and rapid reaction times.