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Your BPM & Workflow software in the Cloud with #AuraPortalCloud
BPM Cloud No Worries
20 March 2014

Would you brave the heights?


Cloud BPM (Business Process Management) – with No Worries

BPM Cloud No Worries

The emergence of BPM (Business Process Management) technology represents perhaps the most important revolution in the software domain according to virtually all analysts.

AuraPortal Cloud BPM

With AuraPortal Cloud BPM, any entity can benefit from the best Business Process Management software with the fastest and safest hardware and with no worries about investment or maintenance, and at a very economic pay-for-use fee.

In the same way that an electricity user simply plugs in a cable to obtain electricity supply without bothering whatsoever about the cost and knowledge required to manage power plants and distribution grids, any company (private or public) can manage its processes with the AuraPortal BPM platform simply by connecting to Internet through a browser on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, without having to worry about the investment and knowledge required for obtaining and handling the hardware and software involved in the service.

AuraPortal Cloud BPM gives companies the possibility to reach business excellence BPM through the corporate implementation of at a much lower cost, with hardly any structure, investment or risk. AuraPortal ensures the proper operation and maintenance, including any updates and new versions.

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