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Your BPM & Workflow software in the Cloud with #AuraPortalCloud
Bpm Cloud No Investement
14 March 2014

Would you sail in a storm?


Cloud BPM (Business Process Management) with No Investment


Bpm Cloud No Investement

Why BPM (Business Process Management)? We live in an era where we must adapt to change very quickly and this is vital for business survival.

Technology investments, in this case for workflow solutions, must also be consistent with the present times. They must be flexible enough to be increased, reduced or cancelled at any time with minimum loss and adapted to the budget of the company.

AuraPortal Cloud BPM

With AuraPortal Cloud there’s no need to invest in hardware or software to work with processes. AuraPortal takes care of all the necessary investments.

With this structure there are no risks. Benefit from the best BPM software (AuraPortal) and the fastest and safest hardware, with no need to worry about investments and maintenance… and at a very reasonable pay-per-use fee.

Everything related to maintenance, updates and new versions will be provided by AURA at no additional cost. The fee paid to AURA includes the right to receive technical assistance to ensure the correct operation of AuraPortal Cloud BPM.

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