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Cloud BPM Advantatges
17 March 2014

Would you touch a beehive?

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Cloud BPM (Business Process Management) with No Effort

Cloud BPM Advantatges

Implementing BPM (Business Process Management) in a company requires some effort as it generally means relying on IT and business experts.

Benefits of AuraPortal Cloud BPM

With AuraPortal Cloud the difficulty and the risks are minimized, because the hardware and the software are taken care of by the Cloud provider and the BPM experts respectively. The company will provide what they really know, which is how they want their processes to act.

What are the benefits of AuraPortal Cloud BPM from an economic viewpoint? Apart from the obvious fact of there being no investments in infrastructure, you only pay for what you need, the implementation is very quick, the updates are automatic and the service can be increased, reduced or cancelled at any time depending on the circumstances.

With AuraPortal Cloud, an entity can be managed with processes by simply connecting to Internet from a browser on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, without having to think about the investment and knowledge required for acquiring and handling the hardware and software involved in the service.

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