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17 February 2015

BPM & Case Management

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The importance of case management in any type of private or public entity and the difficulties involved in its management is a big challenge for BPM Suites.

What is Dynamic Case Management (DCM)?

The term Case Management refers to the general management of specific issues of any kind that need resolving in an organization in a given period of time.

Dynamic Case Management provides solutions to specific issues that need to be resolved in an organization, at any given time. The cases come from loosely structured requests (internal and external), such as: incidents, claims, requests for goods or services, records, projects, etc., they follow many alternative paths and end when the case has been resolved.

The management of these requests (Case Management) is of vital importance for every company as it constitutes an important part of the daily activity in most private companies and public entities”.

Can BPM Suites manage Cases?

They can and furthermore it is advisable that they do. As BPM is the software that manages an organization’s processes and Cases form a part of the activities performed by the company, their management must be included in the BPM strategy and the chosen BPM software should have all the necessary qualities and characteristics for case management. The importance of choosing the right BPM Suite to automate company processes is paramount.

The Case Management is the management of processes in which you can make many exceptions. However although the capacity of dynamic adjustment (on the fly) to the changing circumstances of each particular case is a necessity (and probably the most difficult) it is by no means the only function.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that although it is possible to modify running processes compliance with the company’s policies and regulations must still be guaranteed. i.e., running processes can be modified but in a controlled, expected and authorized manner.


How are the Cases Managed?

A tool for efficiently undertaking Dynamic Case Management must have numerous integrated capabilities, such as:

  • Management through BPM Processes
  • Business Rule Management (not to be confused with Process Rules)
  • Agile management of Documents and Web Content
  • Elements of Information, Communication and Collaboration between employees and with people external to the entity
  • Processes with the ability to deviate the flow at any given time, to other processes (with or without return)
  • Management of mandatory tasks, both planned and unplanned, with Dynamic Forms capable of appearing and being hidden according to the circumstances
  • Agile creation of additional steps for the element control of the cases
  • Tools to observe, control and analyze the execution of each case as a whole and to analyze the combined results of completed cases for continuous process improvement
  • Etc

But above all, these capabilities must be completely integrated and be accompanied by a great amount of agility and flexibility to undertake all types of changes immediately, with security and without the need for programming or IT knowledge.

The AuraPortal Solution

AuraPortal offers the Product and the Methodology necessary for successfully undertaking Dynamic Case Management.


How does AuraPortal solve Case Management?