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29 January 2015

BPM and the Government

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Even though public administrations are not subject to competitive pressure like private companies, they still need to change their technological structure towards IT management and internal and external collaboration tools. In smart public administrations information circulates between the different structures at a much faster rate than in those which have not yet opted for management through appropriate software applications that meet the demands made by today’s society. Due to the complexity of a good public administration, the software must provide integral and efficient management and be accessible from anywhere in the world, i.e. it must be 100% Web.

BPM (Business Process Management or Workflow Software) is undoubtedly the ideal solution, however, as with everything, it is important to make the right choice. It is perfectly reasonable to ask providers for a Real Trial before making the final decision. You must avoid any unnecessary risks! Furthermore it is worth knowing that the scope, methodology and tools for implementation greatly affect the  ROI of the process management implementation Project and are the main reasons for successes or failures.

What can a next generation BPM manage in a Public Administration?

  • Political Organization: Political organization charts, Agendas, Internal and External Communications, etc.
  • Administrative organization: Records, Human Resources (staff management, evaluation and control, absence management, recruitment, occupational health, training, etc.), Purchasing and Supply (supplier recruitment and approval, eProcurement, outsourcing management, offer and tender management, etc.)
  • Internal Activity in all areas: Regulations (Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety, Information Security, Protection of Personal Data, etc.), Project and Cost Management (municipal work, social programs, internal campaigns, environment, etc.)
  • External Companies: Management, Communication and Control.
  • Citizen Services: Requests, letters of acknowledgment, rectifications, Location, Consultations, Payments, Resources, etc.

This new form of organizational management, based on providing new technology tools for Public Administration, will optimize the way tasks are handled internally and greatly improve interaction with citizens, as indicated by current guidelines and directives that will be implemented in the very near future

Olivia Trilles, Vice-president of AURA

AuraPortal Helium Government was presented at the 20th GCC eGovernment and eServices Conference held in Dubai as the most advanced public entity management tool on the market and a gateway to the future of administrative management with the slogan: “Stand out as a leader and model of Smart Government”.

AuraPortal BPM offers:

  • An average reduction of time for file processing of 70%.
  • Drastic reduction in administrative costs.
  • Easy access to the latest technologies for organization and communication (internal and external).
  • Maximum citizen satisfaction, with a private, individual and exclusive channel to administration managers.

 MINTICMinistry of Information Technology and Communications, Colombia chose AuraPortal and comments:

AuraPortal guarantees the continuous process improvement and rapid adaption to governmental changes.

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