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17 April 2015

BPA software Vs. BPM software

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BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) is the software which supports BPM (Business Process Management).

BPA is the business process analysis software that enables the analysis and optimization of complex processes, hereby improving productivity.

As a basic tool, BPM suites incorporate their own BPA as part of the modeling process.

There are many independent BPA tools on the market that allow modeling but they only empower the presentation of the process, not its execution. In order to execute the process it is essential to have a BPM suite, whereas a BPM suite should incorporate its own BPA for modeling purposes.

If a BPM suite doesn’t incorporate BPA, it is not considered a BPMS and would need to be integrated with an existing BPA in order to be considered as such.

The BPAs which are integrated in BPMS have the necessary functionalities to perform process analysis which will obviously differ from one BPM suite to the next.

For example, a BPM project with integrated BPA which is practically led by the IT department will need many more functionalities than BPM suites that do not require any programming, for example AuraPortal.

Independent BPAs may have additional functionalities to the BPAs integrated in BPMS, but in most cases the BPMS doesn’t incorporate them simply because they are unnecessary and would be as much use as a well in a flood.

Furthermore, in my experience, using different software to analyze/model the processes at different levels could be a waste of time and money and cause unnecessary complication.

AuraPortal BPM-BPA

The strategy which has clearly proven to be most effective is the direct use of BPA incorporated in a BPM suite. This has great advantages such as: one sole provider, the same training, standardization of criteria and diagram layout, no additional costs, etc.