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19 March 2011

Based on a Document Management foundation, Arce could generate processes using System Tasks

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The Company: Arce Legalizaciones

Address: Fraga – Huesca – Spain

Products and Services:
Arce specializes in installation regulations, administrating local licenses and administrative municipal authorizations, along with compliance consulting and regulation management.
Acre provides consulting services, tracking, control, coordination and support in the development and execution of strategic plans for business and municipal infrastructure and services deployment, as well as specialized regulation engineering. Acre provides services in other fields as well, such as urban and administrative planning management, patrimonial property regulation, assets management, document management, e-Administration, sustainability and technological projects for the Information Society and Public Administration.

Target Market: All businesses and government facilities in Spain, managed from its four offices across the country.

Used Applications: AuraPortal BPMS


The management and reporting system used by Arce has been approved as a Quality Management System applicable to “License and authorization tracking, processing and management in the Public Administrations” in accordance to the Quality Management System Regulations, UNE EN ISO 9001:2000.

1. Introduction

The implementation of AuraPortal has helped Arce Legalizaciones (ARCEEP) to realize considerable savings in the planning, creation and distribution of new jobs amongst their employees.

The process optimization has reduced the time spent to perform their tasks as a result of better coordination and improved resource effectiveness.

2. The problem

The nature of ARCEEP’s business makes it necessary for its employees to be constantly moving. This means that its employees need to be able to remotely access data. For the same reason, they also need to be able to telecommute so that the information can be updated in the fastest possible way.

In addition, document management is a key need within their organization. An accessible document management system was necessary to support all of the ARCEEP employees and their customers, and to be able to remotely incorporate processes with documents when updating the different regulations. The data loading process triggers the start and the end of tasks and productive processes.

Another very important matter for ARCEEP was to improve the accuracy and timeliness of their regulation status reporting services. This was necessary to improve their ability to provide their customers with status and for their employees to be able to more easily monitor transaction status.

It was also necessary to implement a system with better performance in order to control the large volume of work. In addition, processes needed to keep moving even when individual employees were absent.

3. The solution

Given their rapid growth as an organization in recent years, the company retained I-Systems, a consulting company and AuraPortal Partner, to implement a management application that would allow full and continuous information control as well as the availability of reports, document management and remote access for all employees.

The I-Systems’ philosophy is to provide a vital service in helping companies achieve the highest profitability and efficiency in the implementation of their solutions and services. So, after an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs and objectives, they chose AuraPortal as the platform to satisfy all of their requirements.

I-Systems’ plan was to provide their customers access to all business opportunities generated by the Information Society. I-Systems suggested an implementation based on AuraPortal which would integrate an external data base where all data required could be saved and all associated documents could be tracked and controlled. This would allow for the access and use of data from several different existing ARCEEP applications.

Based on a Document Management foundation, I-Systems could generate the start and the end of process by integrating documents using System Tasks (these tasks are done automatically by AuraPortal without human intervention). I-Systems could also generate Execution and Deviator Tasks which allow for the automatic update of information status. This dynamic updating of information was a critical need for ARCEEP. The process status can be modified, closed, or launched at any time, through AuraPortal system tasks.

AuraPortal standard Reporting Services provided the necessary reports for ARCEEP. I-Systems had experience with AuraPortal reporting services, which simplified their implementation, and they were able to leverage AuraPortal internal data processes from within the reports, using Reporting Services and SQL.

I-Systems also implemented an External Web Portal for ARCEEP customers, where reports with the current status of their projects and document access could be obtained.

“The Document Management capability is fully integrated within the processes. This is the foundation of our process and it automatically performs all the status changes in our daily work as well as automatic status changes depending on the documentation.”
“Our employees and customers can manage and display documents and the rest of application features through the Web Portal”

Antonio Moreu Castelló, General Manager

5. Real Results

With the implementation of AuraPortal Business Process Management, huge benefits were obtained by providing information access to all ARCEEP employees and their customers in a variety of scenarios. It made daily workflows move faster and more accurately, perfectly controlling access permissions through the tools within AuraPortal. This provided increased security and flexibility in their information access.

ARCEEP increased its productivity thanks to their process optimization and monitoring tools, which allow for better forecasts, and a reduction in the time needed for tasks to be executed, thus achieving better coordination and resources effectiveness.

 “The new project implementation has delivered a significant savings in resource utilization when planning, creating and distributing new tasks among our employees. Task creation is automatic, so depending on the documentation and the parameters of each project, the tasks are automatically launched and distributed to groups of employees as per their defined work area.”
“State regulations, CCAA and municipal regulations are provided to customers and employees, as they are parameterized and allow for automated License Management.”
Meritxell Villas Cabello, Responsible for New IT Technologies