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31 January 2011

AUREN implements Ramon Llull University AUDIT Project with the AuraPortal BPM Management Platform

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AuraPortal, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced that AUREN, a multi-disciplined consulting firm specialized not only in the Quality field, but also in IT and Systems Regulation, has designed for the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences, which is part of Ramon Lull University, the Processes of the AUDIT University Quality Management System using the AuraPortal BPM Management Platform.

The implementation of this AUDIT quality system is one of the requirements of the Bologna Plan for the european university studies convergence.

In order to maximize the advantages of this system, which helps to minimize administrative bureaucracy, it was necessary to implement the AUDIT Quality Management system in the most efficient way and with the minimum cost. Therefore the Faculty of Health Sciences, Blanquerna, has chosen to design this quality management system with the Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) platform of AuraPortal.

According to Dr. Marius Duran Hortola, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences “initially, we considered developing our own tool, as some of the applications presently active in the faculty have been developed by our in-house IT team. However the complexity of the project to be undertaken, and the technical features of AuraPortal, made us forgo the possibility of an in-house development effort. We took into account the time and cost of development and implementation, future enhancement development, and the ability to quickly, and cost effectively, introduce changes and improvements with the AuraPortal BPM tool, and the decision was made quickly.”


The Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences, which belongs to Ramon Llull University, is an education community formed by 2,000 students, 205 professors, and 200 companies and institutions. Together, each with their own responsibilities but also complementing each other, they form a singular university project, where humanist tradition inspired by the scholar Ramon Llull join forces with the wise to train the great professionals that our society needs. Health Faculty is devoted to the comprehensive education of people with high scientific, technical and humanist background, notable for their ethical standards and social solidarity spirit.


Auren is a Spanish company leader in advanced professional services of Auditing, Corporate Counseling and Consultancy, whose objective is to improve companies management, working with a global and multidisciplinary approach. 1,400 professionals work in their 44 offices worldwide.