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10 January 2014

AuraPortal’s first edition of LATAMWebinars2013 meets objectives disseminating excellence in BPM technology

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Close to a thousand attendees in the overall of the four sessions, showed their interest in learning about how BPMS are able to respond to the concerns and needs of any company.

LatamThe first edition of LATAMWebinars2013 was focused on raising awareness of BPM EXCELLENCE in different work scenarios: Quality, Innovation, Public Administration, Universities and their new business models, thanks to the Internet. It met the objectives of the organizers, AuraPortal(*) and IT Latino, who have been able to verify the high level of interest in BPM Technology throughout Latin America.

 (*)AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

Olivia-Trilles-ParisOlivia Trilles, Vice-President of AuraPortal, commented in the opening session that “Organizations that consider processes as their most profitable capital are increasingly aware of the need to adapt to new demands, about how to get things done, and also, the right technology to use.”

Each session included themed presentations delivered by educational experts from Latin American universities, a sectoral development to analyze the state of the industry and the effect on the industry upon incorporating BPM technology, and finally, a practical demonstration about how to diagram an exemplary process.

ITLatinoWith LATAMWebinars2013, according to Daniel Alguacil, Managing Editor at IT Latino who has supported this edition dedicated to BPM Excellence, “We have met our expectations in providing an overview of the Business Technology that is revolutionizing the current Management, as well as the way BPMS are able to respond to the concerns and needs of any organization throughout the world.”