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18 March 2015

AuraPortal Shows its Potential at the Gartner iBPMS Summit

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Today AuraPortal is holding a 30 minutes conference at the Gartner iBPMS Congress with leading experts in the world of BPM and business leaders who need software to automate their processes and help them solve their business problems.

The conference speakers will be Olivia Trilles (COO) and David Sorensen (Senior BPM Consultant and Training School Lecturer), who will speak in front of approximately 300 attendees from sectors such as finance, telecommunications, government, automotive, etc. The chosen theme for the presentation is the globally recognized regulatory framework for the financial sector: Basel III.

O. Trilles y D. Sorensen Gartner Summit BPM

The title of the presentation is Regulatory Compliance made easy: no theory, just facts. It refers to the simplicity of compliance with any type of rules or regulations and shows the facts in terms of how effective the use of Business Process Management software like AuraPortal is, in real-time and regardless of the complexity of the changes in the mentioned regulation.