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Your BPM & Workflow software in the Cloud with #AuraPortalCloud
28 September 2012

AuraPortal launches AuraPortal Cloud

With AuraPortal Cloud Computing mode you can start work in no time and without risks. The Return on Investment is immediate

AuraPortal Cloud has been created in order to address the common problems that arise in most companies when they embark on BPMS Implementation Projects.

Nowadays, initiating a Project to automate business processes (BPMS) is a necessity, but this can pose risks that are sometimes difficult to justify, and the current economic situation is not conducive to taking too many risks. 

Embarking on a BPMS Project is a difficult step to take for most entities. There are various causes but without a doubt the most obvious are: 

1) The unfamiliarity of BPM and its benefits, which creates distrust in companies when it comes to investing. 

2) The need to have an ICT infrastructure and the expert personnel to install, configure, test, execute, secure, update and optimize the processes for their continuous improvement. 

3) The complexity and the cost and time involved in undertaking a traditional BPMS implementation project which bases the implementation on the generation of code.   

  • These BPMS can only become profitable in strategic and highly uniform process implementation operations, ruling out the possibility of a corporate implementation of BPM. 
  • But the problem is that, as has been shown in practice, for the programming to be substituted in the complex BPMS processes there must be other highly advanced configuration features available, which are difficult to find in the BPMS in the market. This greatly limits the benefits that can be obtained from the implementation of BPMS, thus preventing the company from reaching an optimum level of BPM maturity.  

The Cloud solution

The Cloud System provides computing capabilities through Internet services, giving entities of any size the possibility to work with a software application that has no technological structure expenditure, minimal investment and no risk

The AuraPortal Cloud solution

The AuraPortal Cloud system goes far beyond this, as it gives companies the possibility to reach business excellence through the corporate implementation of BPM but at a much lower cost. This is a solution which, for them moment, is only offered by AuraPortal, as this is the only BPM Suite that: 

  • On the one hand, as a Management Platform, contains the complimentary functionalities (intranet, document and digital content management, CRM, business and process rules, families to create additional managements, online commerce, etc.) and capabilities (to control time and costs, of case management, business intelligence, etc.) that an entity needs.
  • And on the other hand, thanks to its exclusive and innovative system known as Generatrix, provides the ability to create highly complex processes substituting the highest level of Programming for a simple and user-friendly configuration system, which not only reduces drastically the workload, but helps and guides the modeler to achieve the highest level of Process Modeling.

But, although this is a great benefit, it is not the most important. The process lifecycle is focused on Continuous Improvement; therefore the benefit of the AuraPortal Cloud synergy is not only applied to the implementation of the processes, but, above all, to all the modifications that the process may sustain during its useful life. In a market where agility and responsiveness are synonyms of survival for a company, change is continuous (especially in the maturity period of each process), and therefore the changes in the processes must be instantaneous. 

In this way, through the AuraPortal Cloud, AURA and its Official Partners Network can offer their customers a complete and economical solution that can be optimized in time with immediate changes.