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22 April 2016

AuraPortal is Platinum Sponsor of the SQLGulf Riyah 2016 Event

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The SQLGulf Riyah 2016 event is organized by Waja Information Technology, one of the youngest and most up-to-date IT and communication service providers in Saudi Arabia.

During the event, which will be held on April 23 at AlFaisal University, there will be several keynotes sessions in which experts from different fields will discuss current technology. This year’s event is focused on Data Base management, security and Business Intelligence (BI). We recommend you click on the button below to see the event agenda and find out more information on the sessions which interest you.event schedule boton

AuraPortal takes great interest in such events given the next-generation technology of AuraPortal iBPMS software and its high involvement in the global technological scene. Given the importance of Big Data in today’s digital era, AuraPortal iBPMS software contains a BI module which allows information in business processes to be analyzed and used to benefit the customers. In addition, AuraPortal makes the security of customer data a top priority with its encryption system. It also ensures high data reliability and integrity with its 3 synchronized environtments feature, which provides a secure working environment by separating development, testing and production areas. This system guarantees that the data generated in the development area does not affect the production area, and it is only introduced in production after it has been tested and approved. Furthermore, it has many other cutting-edge technological features which you can see in the following videos:

The nature of AuraPortal iBPMS explains their sponsorship of the event and their presence alongside their global technological ally, Microsoft, who is also a Platinum sponsor of the event.