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26 March 2011

AuraPortal extends its multi-lingual and multi-cultural reach

This post is also available in: Spanish

AuraPortal has announced today the release of two new languages in its BPM Suite: French and Romanian, in addition to those already available: English, Spanish (European and Latin American), Dutch, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Catalan and Galician.

The AuraPortal multi-language system includes all features and all types of users: employees, external guests and registered visitors to the Web, who can communicate and conduct shared processes and procedures in their own individual language. The system identifies the user’s language and displays the task windows, form fields, and instructions, etc. in their desired language.

In addition to these general languages that AuraPortal supports and that they are already defined in the suite, the system allows the user to redefine the terms by customizing them in the dialect or in the terminology of a specific group of users. Therefore, users with the appropriate security access can easily customize the language and terminology according to their needs.