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01 April 2013

AuraPortal Creates an International Panel of Business Process Management (BPM) Experts

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AURA has announced the creation of a Panel of BPM Experts to support AuraPortal. implementations, offer advice about operations and share technological knowledge online.

The mission of this International Panel of BPM Experts is to act as an advisory team and to promote and disseminate their business technology expertise, which is reflected in their success stories, BPM specialty areas and on the outstanding features of the AuraPortal BPM platform.

AuraPortal‘s BPM Experts Panel members were elected among consultants, partners, business specialists and university professors worldwide.

AuraPortal‘s BPM Experts may participate in implementation projects as advisors or consultants, providing BPM expertise and business know-how. They will also share their business knowledge through an online space for business technology events named “AURA Space“.