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09 March 2011

AuraPortal BPMS automates the new product development processes for ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN

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The company ELPOZO has completed its implementation of a new process for the Launching of a New Product with the AuraPortal BPM Suite.

This is a process of a broad strategic importance for the company and of great complexity, with tasks where the executor is doing many transactions, cyclic process flows with several threads, and control center tasks, etc.

The process considers all phases for designing new products, including their commercial and technical features, selecting the necessary manufacturing and control means and methods, as well as employees involved, their responsibilities and how information documents and general data are transferred, controlled and registered.

This Project is part of their investment initiative to leverage the latest available technologies with a high level of automation, using a large number of System Tasks (carried out by the system without IT intervention).

Furthermore, the DAD Technology (Dynamically Activated Divisions have been used in the Personal Tasks (made by the users) created exclusively by AuraPortal and accepted by Gartner Inc. as an innovative functionality. With this technology, as the executor is performing a task, AuraPortal automatically introduces all necessary fields according to the tasks carried out or using AuraPortal characteristics: conditional divisions, fields and pages, calculated fields, business rules, automatic document creation (based on the information stored in the form), action buttons, link buttons, etc.


ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN with more than 3,500 workers and a network of 425 commercial agents covering 30,000 sales locations is selling its products with the ELPOZO brand in 65 countries and 4 continents. In addition, they have an international presence in the fields of R&D, production systems, quality, technology and social commitment.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has believed for a long time in innovation as a development factor. In the last few years they have made investments of more than $400 million to satisfy their customers, consumers, employees, institutions, shareholders and the community relations, to create wealth and progress with their added value.