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02 October 2012

AURA Opens a New Regional Office in Santiago, Chile, to Support its Partner Network and Customers in the Competitive Chilean Market

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AURA has opened a new head office in Santiago, Chile, from where it will operate in tight coordination with its Partner network.

This new Head Office joins AURA’s existing offices in America (USA, Brazil and the Andean Region – Colombia), Europe (Holland, Spain and Romania), the Middle East / Africa (Angola) and the Asia / Pacific region (China and India).

Chile is the most competitive economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, leading this year’s economic growth among OECD countries. In the first quarter of 2012 Chile recorded a 5.6% economic growth.

AuraPortal (*) already has a strong presence in Chile thanks to its exclusive network of Partners and several prestigious customers, including the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism (MINECON), FOSIS (Ministry of Social Development), Enap Refineries, Nexus, RSA Insurance and SGS CIMM T&S. This new office will provide high-quality service to these Partners and Customers, while enhancing AuraPortal‘s market visibility.

(*) The AuraPortal Process Management Platform has recently been distinguished by the independent market analyst firm Ovum in its Decision Matrix 2011 report as the most advanced BPM in the market.

According to Nelson Berríos, AURA’s Representative in Chile,“Business Process Management is already widespread in most companies, but poorly controlled due to a lack of truly effective tools. The reality is that almost all BPM tools in the market imply an excessively complex and costly implementation or they lack scalability, greatly limiting the benefits obtained. However, AuraPortal, thanks to its exclusive and innovative system known as Generatrix, offers a user-friendly system which uses checkboxes and drop-down menus to create any type of process, even the most complex, with no need whatsoever for any programming. This not only reduces the work by as much as 50%, but also helps and guides the Analyst to easily create and model any Business Process”.

AURA Chile

Local Representative: Nelson Berríos
Cell +1 (569) 778-3745

Address: Calle Hernando de Aguirre 128 – oficina 505, Comuna de Providencia, Santiago de Chile.
Office: +1 (562) 582-3992

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