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13 February 2015

A New Type of Customer: The Millennials

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The most tech-savvy generation includes people born between 1981 and 2000, who entered the world at a time of prosperity and important technological advancement. This combination of factors has enabled them to enjoy and learn about new technology from a very young age. Another defining characteristic is their high expectations of services offered by companies. We are talking about the group of Millennials, regarded as the “first digital natives”.

Millennials do not like to feel disconnected and they prefer to manage their bank dealings by Smartphone, iPad or computer than physically going to the bank, the same can be said for their purchases as they often shop online.

In 2025 Millennials will make up approximately 75% of the global work force. Likewise, 75% will also be the percentage of Millennial customers that companies will have in 2025. MarketingCharts published an interesting article entitled: How Smartphone-Owning Millennials Expect Brands to Use Technology

The fact is, the majority of these new customers want everything done “ yesterday” which means organizations must anticipate their needs and if the service they receive isn’t good enough or is poorly handled it can lead to huge losses. Indeed, there are many buyers but also many sellers.

This leads to the following question:

How should companies or organizations respond to customer demands whilst also facing the apparition of new competition?

They could:

  • Invest in technology and management software capable of managing the entire business activity.
  • Offer information through a dynamic corporate Web, with good content, which is informative for visitors, opens communication channels and arouses interest to keep visitors engaged in the page whilst encouraging them to share their data and interact with the company.
  • Offer products that are good value for money.
  • Offer excellent services, for which it is also essential that:

Employees who directly assist and interact with visitors and/or customers know all the customer’s details and are aware of their preferences and priorities before initiating conversations.

Balance the speed of demand and response.

Offer stability and security to ensure customers empathize with the company build loyalty.

How is this achieved?:

 Integrally managing the back office with the front of office staff through a good process management system. If you visit our website you will see that AuraPortal is a new category of business software that enables companies to model, implement and execute sets of inter-related activities, i.e. Any nature of Processes, either departmental or permeating throughout the entire entity, with extensions to include customers, providers and other agents as process task participants.


With AuraPortal, customer service management is impeccable. It includes all the following necessary and essential features:

  • It does not require programming to model the processes.
  • It is a 100% Web based BPM Suite.
  • Total Mobility: It can be used at any moment, from any place that has internet access and from next generation mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones…)
  • One module is the WIP (Wide Interaction Platform): An AuraPortal module aimed at the relations with Web visitors. It is focused on integrating Corporate processes with the Public Internet Website.
  • CRM. Automation of the entire lifecycle of marketing initiatives using all available media and the latest technology, whilst benefiting from the advantages of the Internet such as search engines, email, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and the use of mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc.) as terminals for participation in process workflows.
  • Grouping customers into multiple profiles to help generate personalized campaigns according to customer characteristics and preferences, achieving the optimized use of resources and optimized results.

When a BPM Suite is used to manage company activity, all the tasks performed in the company are created, developed and registered in the system in a way that every detail is controlled and an unstoppable thrust is automatically created to ensure perfect task completion, which results in a dramatic increase in efficiency throughout the entire organization

Jose Noguera. BPM Expert

  • AURA offers a unique software product called AuraPortal Helium, which, thanks to its modular structure, can control everything from a simple project or the management of a department to the complete integrated management of the entire company or organization through a modern and flexible Business Process Management (BPM) software that can be used by anyone, even people without technical skills.