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June 2015

Technology Empowers Financial Services

In today’s increasingly digital world, firms in the financial services sector look to Internet of Things, Big Data and Intelligent Analytics to seek, store, manage and analyze data for a greater insight to enable well founded decision-making, gain competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction

Grup Balfegó Case Study

Grup Balfegó is a Catalan company devoted to Fishing, Aquaculture, and the Commercialization of Bluefin tuna. It is the only company in the world to implant a fishing-produce Traceability System; this system provides visibility for customers to check when the product was caught, how long it spent in the facility, health controls, alimentation, etc. Furthermore, customers can obtain a validated Catch Document simply by inputting a traceability code in Grup Balfegó’s website.

Retail success in the digital world

To compete successfully in today’s ultracompetitive market and avoid customer churn, companies are obliged to reshape their operations in accordance with consumer desires, enhance customer experience and offer omnichannel consistency.

AuraPortal Helium Modeler

AuraPortal Helium Modeler allows you to draw, organize and control your company simply using graphics, in a way that doesn’t require any IT skills. It is the only modeler on the market which genuinely doesn’t need and additional programming, allowing you to execute what you have drawn.