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19 May 2015

1st Summit for Project Managers

This post is also available in: Spanish

The Colombian School of Engineering (ECI) Julio Garavito is organizing its First Summit for Project Managers: The Challenges of Risk Management, aimed at professionals from all sectors and regions who are interested in exploring the topic of risk as a specific area of knowledge in project management.

The event will take place on June 4th and 5th in Bogotá (Colombia) and AuraPortal will attend the event as a sponsor and will share a stand with their local partner PMOpEX.

AuraPortal iBPMS is the process management software used by the organizers (ECI) which explains AuraPortal’s sponsorship of the event. Below, you will find a link to a video of the application of AuraPortal in ECI case study, in which Karen López Supelano (ECI Process Engineering Unit) talks of the improvements made subsequent to the implementation.

The objectives of the event are to facilitate interaction between experts and project managers to encourage progress in the project management profession, in particular risk management, to share successes and remarkable progress in the world dedicated to improving risk management in projects. The interaction of iBPMS software in project management constitutes a technological improvement with great results such as time savings and increased productivity. Many case studies corroborate the benefits of iBPMS, which explains the event’s attendees’ interest in AuraPortal.

International Speakers like David Hulett Ph.D., Professor of Harvard University with Ph.D. in Economics, (who will also be running a pre-meeting risk analysis workshop on June 3rd) and Mario R. Pérez Ph.D., astrophysicist in NASA’s Scientific Program involved in missions to discover planets outside the solar system, will speak at the event of issues related to their professional experience of risk management.