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24 March 2015

Excellence through Business Process Management

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How to achieve excellence through Business Process Management

Just like all other business management disciplines, BPM (Business Process Management) is supported by hardware and software.

The software that supports BPM is BPMS.

Unlike BPM, BPMS has an eminently practical approach. Its implementation involves inputting the theoretical principles which are accounted for during company analysis. This analysis involves the application of criteria, models and rules such as ISO, EFQM, SWOT, Six Sigma, etc., so that the system itself can:

  • Automate as many operations as possible
  • Optimize the operations which cannot be automated
  • Control strict compliance
  • Perform the necessary analysis to ensure continuous improvement.

The implementation is basically performed through Process Modeling and the Business Rules. They both have the same function: to tell the system how the company should function. Process modeling determines how processes should work when executed. The Business Rules are a company’s regulations and general application procedures. Thus, BPMS naturally includes the underlying principles of BPM.

BPMS should become the global system for company management, given that the tasks (activities performed within the company) interconnect and combine with any information, including documentation and interactions with other elements such as accounts, employees, projects, etc.

With a high degree of BPMS maturation, all coordinated tasks build a system, structured like a network, which, in addition to building company activity, allows immediate access to all company information in accordance with staff authorizations.

When a BPM Suite is used to manage company activities, all company tasks are created, developed and recorded within the system so that nothing escapes the control and an incessant thrust automatically ensures perfect task completion which results in a dramatic increase in efficiency throughout the organization.

Thus, the scope of first-rate BPM software is universal. Any process can easily be automated, including Human Resources, Quality Control, Purchasing, Customer Relationship (CRM), Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Sales, Billing and other specific company processes.

Therefore the companies which implement a corporate level BPMS improve the ENTIRE entity, weaknesses are brought to light and key activities are strengthened, making the company more flexiblecompetitive and efficient.

However, this flexibility, competitiveness and effectiveness are only achieved if the chosen BPM suite has tools powerful enough for fast and simple process modeling and all the future modifications necessary for continuous improvement. Maximum effects are achieved when, in the case of AuraPortalno programming is necessary, not even for the most complicated processes.