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01 December 2014

100% Web Based BPM

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What are the advantages of having a 100% web based BPM?

Undoubtedly, any company or organization will greatly benefit from investing in a 100% web based BPM platform. They will benefit from the advantage of being BPM system users in Cloud Computing that will emerge as an unstoppable trend, as soon as the obstacles for global acceptance have been overcome.

Furthermore, taking into account that the information that drives a BPM system is superior to any other information that until now has been used to jointly manage enterprise management systems, is now a reality, together with the increasing number of organizations needing to structure the work of their employees in a way that enables them to access their work tools at any moment and from any location with internet access, we should be cautious and differentiate between a Web based BPM system and 100% Web based system since the differences are remarkable in terms of the benefits they can offer a company.


Nowadays it is normal for BPM systems to be Web based but this does not mean that they can perform all their activities via the Internet because not all involved programs are made using Internet tools. However, if a system is 100% Web based, it means that its web base covers not only the process execution but also the process configuration and the system administration.

Execution involves all the employees who participate in the processes and the configuration involves the Business Managers and the IT team who support them.

In a globalized world business managers need, regardless of their physical presence on the company or organization premises and just by accessing the Internet, to be able to make the necessary changes to the configuration of the process models at the right time as soon as possible improvements have been detected, and even to design new process models.
Let’s imagine, for example, that a company is unable to make changes to the Business Rules the minute a calculating factor varies and the people responsible for the modifications are not physically in the company and the tool is not 100% Internet based…. It would result in high economic losses.

So, I can confidently say without a doubt, that a 100% Web based BPM enables companies to modify their strategies, operatives, etc. at any given moment to adapt to the ever changing market conditions. It guarantees an invaluable effectiveness, dynamism, collaboration and work potential that is highly profitable for the company or organization as well as for the professional performance of those involved in the processes, regardless of their role within the company.

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