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TIPS improve productivity and efficiency
26 January 2015

10 Top Tips to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

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Around 80% of employed and self-employed people sleep with their Smartphones on their bedside tables and find it impossible to not check their e-mail outside of working hours. However working overtime can only be beneficial to individuals and companies in cases of extreme necessity. When it becomes part of the daily routine it equates to inefficient corporate and personal organization.

Hence the need for the following tips that could be beneficial for your company by improving its productivity and efficiency.

  1. Modernize: this does not only involve the acquisition of new technology, but also the ability to make future projections.
  2. Innovate: The competition is always innovating, so don’t get left behind. Innovation helps to analyze the business model to find new alternatives to improve management and to make optimal use of resources. Innovation will help you to become more competitive and even to develop new products and services.
  3. Train staff to be competitive: The most important company resources are its employees. Therefore constant training is essential to provide them with the knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently. Staff training will help improve motivation and productivity.
  4. Apply administration by processes not function: In this way everyone involved in each process will understand that their responsibilities go far beyond merely completing specific tasks and that what really, matters are the processes in which the company is involved. Some of the possible advantages of planning by process are: better planning, improved quality of work, improved general performance of the organization and completion of strategic objectives. Administration by processes with a BPM software like AuraPortal helps to easily implement and administrate the processes without the need for any programming, so what are you waiting for?
  5. Motivate effectively: Keeping employees motivated with positive attitudes towards daily tasks is key to ensuring increased productivity in all the processes in which they are involved. Therefore it is important to increase employee wellbeing and satisfaction with practices and policiesMotivate efficiently
  6. Plan: Strategic planning is vital: It helps to define objectives, goals, policies and procedures which will help the company. It is essential to plan the company project with time and clarity whilst considering the environment and all involved parties.
  7. Use time correctly: This characteristic is successfully shared by people and companies. In order to perform all the activities proposed by the company, it is important to organize and prioritize all pending tasks based on the time given.
  8. Make use of strategic communication: using good internal and external communication management the company can establish action plans to fulfill their objectives, improve the work climate or effectively coordinate the company’s internal rate of return.
  9. Tidy the computer and work space: If a worker’s work space, whether virtual or physical, is untidy, it will hinder efficiency. It is better to “waste “time organizing archives than to waste countless minutes each day searching for an archive.
  10. Consider investing in new markets: There are certain to be some markets you haven’t even considered which could be favorable for your business. You must be open to dealing with new markets to increase profitability and productivity. Internationalization could expand your business.Internacionalizacion