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27 March 2015

BPM Suites are in high demand from financial entities

Some sectors have a greater need for process automation due to the sheer quantity of processes and also the speed and fluidity required. Regulations, customer service, customer retention, etc. are some of the issues that entities in this sector need to resolve in the best possible way. Since the beginning of the global economic crisis, these companies have intensified their search for software to become more efficient and optimize their processes.
26 March 2015

The Digital Era: Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Primary Sector (Agriculture, Fishing and Livestock) Solutions with devices and BPM. The agricultural, livestock and fishing sectors are entering the digital era to improve and adapt their activities in terms of sustainability, to enhance productivity and become more competitive.
25 March 2015

Success at the Gartner BPM Summit

This year’s prestigious Gartner event “The Gartner Business Process Management Summit”, celebrated in London, has been a great success for AuraPortal on many levels. The most represented industries at the event were; the financial sector, telecommunications, manufacturing, services and Government. The UK and Ireland were the countries with most representation, but overall the event was well attended by people from the whole of Europe and other parts of the world including the USA.
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