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22 April 2016

AuraPortal is Platinum Sponsor of the SQLGulf Riyah 2016 Event

The SQLGulf Riyah 2016 event is organized by Waja Information Technology, one of the youngest and most up-to-date IT and communication service providers in Saudi Arabia, where AuraPortal has an executive branch. During the event, which will be held on April 23 at AlFaisal University, there will be several keynotes sessions in which experts from different fields will discuss current technology.
29 March 2016

Unify all Management Systems with One Central Platform

Decades after the emergence of IT, it is apparent that most companies are experiencing difficulties juggling different management systems, different databases, from different vendors, and especially with different technologies, creating this abundance of solutions that require expertise and custom applications.
17 March 2016

Case Study Zon-IQ

Zon-IQ is a company dedicated to the sale, consultancy and marketing of solar panels in the growing solar energy market. With a motivated team and partners including Public and Environmental Services, the company focuses on providing the best possible technical advice, directing much of its efforts on customer service, from the initial consultation to the technical installation of the panels.
19 January 2016

Case Study Panagroteh Group

Panagroteh Group is a company which specializes in agricultural machinery with over ten years experience in the sector. It operates in the Northwest region of Romania and has an active radius of 250/300 kilometers. In addition to sales and services, the company aims to offer the best possible technical advice and a wide range of machinery from low cost to premium products.
28 December 2015

Christmas Campaign, presents and returns

BPM Software is a great help for retailers and large stores as it facilitates their daily process agility.However, the huge advantage of business process software is even more apparent during busy times like these. This is because Christmas is not only the busiest time of year for sales, but it is also the period of the most returns and exchanges.
22 December 2015

E-Commerce and Christmas

Buying Online has many advantages, not only can you buy what you want from the comfort of your own home, but you can also find an infinity of products that cannot easily be found in nearby shopping centers what’s more, you can often find products at incredibly low prices.
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